Who We Are

True Blue Technology (TBT) is a professional Information Technology Solutions Provider located in Northeast Ohio. The company was founded on principles of integrity, which was the inspiration for the name True Blue. TBT has a history of providing our clients with proven and practical solutions to all of their information technology needs.

Dependable, Reliable, Secure

Innovative Information Technology Solutions Providers

Managed Services

True Blue Technology has the expertise and experience to professionally managing all or part of your company or organization’s information technology infrastructure. From complex network administration to relatively simple workstation maintenance, we can keep your day-to-day IT operations running smoothly and securely. Our managed services also incorporate our Remote Support Agent, which allows us to remotely manage, monitor and patch your computing devices. Our agent’s monitoring reports to us 24×7 as to the health of your computing systems.

Cloud Solutions

Thinking of modernizing and streamlining your information? True Blue Technology has a proven track record in transitioning our clients from traditional email, information storage and communications to the Cloud. No more extended downtime with your email, documents and business critical data, plus the added benefit of accessibility across mobile device platforms and scalability as your company or organization continues to grow.


More than ever before, it’s critical that your infrastructure and information is as secure as it can be. We offer a wide variety of proactive and preventative solutions to help secure your vital IT assets. Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, systems vulnerability scanning and antivirus/anti-malware protection are all included in our solutions portfolio. TBT can formulate the right security solution package for your business or organization.


In today’s world of nearly instantaneous digital communication, there is no substitute for a reliable, scalable telecom system. True Blue Technology is partnered with RingCentral® VoIP, enabling us to provide for all of your telecom needs. With robust phone system features, comprehensive mobile device integration and ease of administration, RingCentral is an industry leader. TBT also manages existing telecom solutions that are already in place.

Backup and Recovery

Your critically important documents and files may be only an event or failure away from irrecoverable loss. Why take the chance? True Blue Technology can evaluate your data and propose and implement backup and recovery scenarios the are a perfect fit for your environment. From servers to individual workstation computers, a TBT backup and recovery solution will give you the peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

Web Design

In terms of company or organizational presence, there is really no substitute for an informative, professionally presented website. In the ever-changing age of mobile communication, your website needs to be fully functional on smart phones and tablets and optimized for search engine visibility. Our web specialists can create a site for you that will effectively present your message and remain functionally viable for a long time to come.

TBT also expertly provides traditional managed IT services. Please see our Other Services page.

Our Mission, Our Vison, Our Pledge

We are more than just your support team or consultants, we are your partner and we are here to help you achieve your technology goals exactly as you envision them. We are advisors and administrators, technicians and developers, geeks and guitar players, but above all we are passionate about what we do and care about the results that we provide. True Blue Technology was born on principles of integrity and we intend to earn your trust by providing you with the best solutions to fit your budget while not compromising quality or security. Let us explain it to you!

Client Testimonials

Mat and the True Blue team continue to take care of all of our IT needs and respond quickly to the issues that surface on a daily basis.  They offer strategic technology solutions that help us proactively address upcoming needs of the firm and those of our users.  We truly value our relationship with True Blue Technology and view them as part of our team.

Our Blog

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